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Lawn Mowing
Tom's Gardening has provided Fort Collins a quality mowing experience since 1995.  Your lawn defines you to the world. To assure optimal service I work alone.    Mowing at the proper height and frequency is essential for a healthy lawn.  Proper mowing decreases the need for chemicals and prevents most lawn problems.  Dependability is crucial in looking for a mowing service.  My customers are  homeowners who appreciate individualized care.  Mowing commences mid April and concludes the last week of September. Complimentary estimates.  One time tall grass/weed mow downs not available at this time.      


Tom's Gardening is Fort Collins rototilling expert.  Five walk behind rototillers with different deck widths allows job customization providing optimal results.

Vegetable/flower bed tilling base prices. 
0-500SF (20'x25') - $100 Minimum price  
500-1000SF - $140
1000-2000SF - $185
2000-3000SF - $230
3000-4000SF - $275
4000 - 5000SF (50'x100') - $320
Raised beds additional $35.
Prices are for gardens that are weed/grass free and have been tilled within the past year.  I also till new vegetable/flower gardens with a 50% additional charge over base rate. 

 For a additional $65 (500SF) I can apply ORGANIC Veggie Mix.  A customer wrote "The organic fertilizer you put on the garden worked great.  I have lots more produce than I can use, freeze, can, or give away! The tomatoes got so heavy they pulled down the  cages.  Good stuff!" Carol,


Lawn aeration in Fort Collins means Tom's Gardening.  Spring aeration loosens winter compacted soil, helping root development and nutrient uptake, subsequently decreasing weed and disease problems.  Its importance, especially to an organic lawn can not be overstated.  Base/Minimum Price - $80 for up to a 5000 SF lawn.  Combine your aeration with a ORGANIC LAWN FERTILIZER application ($65/5000SF). 

Lawn Reseeding

Is you lawn looking thin or patchy?  Reseeding is the answer ($80 most lawns).  Give me a call.  I reseed with a high quality blue grass - fescue blend which will thicken and beautify your lawn.  This gives excellent results when combined with a early spring aeration and fertilization.  This is not adequate for establishing a new lawn. 


Support the EARTH  - make your home a chemical free zone. Americans apply 70 million pounds of pesticides yearly to home lawns, trees and shrubs. Roughly 10 times more per acre than is used on farms. Pesticides trickle into freshwater streams creating environmental damage as they proceed on their path to the ocean where they accumulate.  I apply a Colorado developed organic lawn fertilizer which is designed for our environment as well as being safe for children and pets.  Lawn applications should be made four times per year, early and late spring, late summer and fall.   Price $65/application for up to a  5000 SF lawn.  If paid in advance a package of four applications is available for $240.




 Rototilling Tip - Your garden should be moist but not muddy when we rototill.  If you can stick a shovel in the ground with modest foot pressure but when it is withdrawn mud is not stuck to the blade the ground is perfect.  Before tilling new ground you will need to call 811 and have the utilities located.

Aeration Tip - In order for the aerator to work properly the ground needs to be moist.  If we haven't received adequate rain be sure and water the day before an aeration.  If you have a sprinkler system all heads need to be flagged for protection from damage.
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